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How to install one of the Perl distributions in this directory:

The following assumes Windows NT or newer.

If you are using Windows 95/98, you will need the Windows NT
command line shell (MS-DOS box), "cmd.exe", or the "4DOS"
shell, if you want to install additional Perl modules.

Download one of the following precompiled Perl-for-Windows
binaries:      (naked: nmake,g(un)zip,patch)      (basic: YAML,CPAN,CPAN::Reporter)      (luxus: yet to be defined)       (+nmake.exe)       (+my modules)    (+nmake.exe)    (+my modules)    (plain build)    (+nmake.exe)    (+GoptLng+DBI+ODBC)    (+TimeHiRes)

("My modules" are Bit::Vector, Date::Calc and Data::Locations.)

Simply unpack the file onto C:\ (or D:\, or whatever you like).

The archive already comes with the correct relative paths
(however, it installs into "\Programme" instead of "\Program

Be sure that the option "Use folder names" in your extractor
(WinZip etc.) is _ON_!

Note that because the build uses paths beginning with "\"
(instead of a drive letter), you can install it on any drive.

The down side is that you have to unpack and build Perl
modules on the same drive your Perl is installed, otherwise
the build will not work.

Note that you can safely ignore the warning when you
execute "perl Makefile.PL" saying that Perl thinks there
is a discrepancy between the location where it is installed
and where it thinks it should be installed. This is due to a
problem in Perl which assumes installation paths to start with
a drive letter, paths starting with "\" confuse it, but it
does the right thing nevertheless.

You only may have to correct the paths to your installation
of MS Visual C++ 6.0 (in case you have it), which are found
in "\Programme\perl\5.00503\lib\MSWin32-x86\" (Perl
5.005_03) or "\Programme\perl580\lib\" (Perl 5.8.0):


Also, add the following path(s) to your "PATH" environment
variable in the "Settings" panel ("My Computer") (correct
the drive letter to suit your installation):


(for any of the Perl 5.005_03 binaries)


(for any of the Perl 5.8.0 binaries)


(for any of the Perl 5.10.1 binaries)

This should get you going!

Note that you can install any Perl module from CPAN as it is,
without modifications, without having to wait for ActiveState
(for instance) to build a binary for you first!

At least for modules written in pure Perl.

If you have the MS Visual C++ 6.0 compiler, you can additionally
install any modules which use C and XS.

However, never forget to unpack and build the module on the same
drive your Perl is installed on!

This is also true if you are using "perl -MCPAN -e shell" to
download and install modules automatically; change to the
correct drive first!