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Date::Calc Demo: International Eternal Gregorian Calendar
Date::Calc Demo: Simple Date Calculator

Use Cases

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What other people say about this module:

  1. Artikel im Linux-Magazin 09/1998: "Kalenderrechnung" (local copy)

  2. Dear Steffen:
    We are a tradeunion (we in this context is the place where I am
    spending my work-work time as a consultant, not my employer), and in
    Denmark they are responsible for giving money to the unemployed
    members. So your module is involved in the montly payments to approx
    20.000 people - who wouldn't get a penny if it failed.
    We use it everywhere where we operate on dates in perl (which is more
    places than I expected when I first started on the system), because it
    not only is Y2K secure but also 2038 secure (which is when bintim
    fails on a 32 bit machine). We need to be able to compute dates
    between the birthdate of the oldest member (age 67 when we stop
    paying money to them) and the 67'th birthday of the youngest (could be
    only 16 years old).
    Your module fits our needs beautifully.
    I have even ripped the innards out and used it in our C++
    realtime-calculation module (the programme that computes how much we
    pay the member). This module was used 9.000 times today...
    You probaly wouldn't recognise it, but you are credited with the
    algorithms :-) 
    Henrik Tougaard  (a.k.a.
    Datani A/S, Software Consultants, Copenhagen, Denmark
    #include <disclaim.std>

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